Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure I: Summary of Funding Operation Executed by Adams and Jefferson in Amsterdam, March 1788

Enclosure I

summary of funding operation executed by Adams and Jefferson in Amsterdam, March 1788

1788. Fizeaux & co. their capital & 3. months interest 51,637.10
Virginia, an advance from their fund to be replaced  29,765livre tournois
Grand, advances to be replaced  49,1801 35,600   
Gateau, balance due him for a medal about   2,000livre tournois 900   
Mr. Short2 arrears of salary due to him about   5,000
Mr. Ast (late Secy. To the Consulate) do.   3,000 3,600   
Mr. Dumas, do. 12,500   
Foreign officers, 3 years arrears of interest 136,960livre tournois-14–6 61,700   
Captives at Algiers3 say about 60,000   
legations4 from April to December, 9 months 36,000   
June interest 270,000     531,937.10
1789.   legations for the whole year @ 4000 florins a month 48,000   
Foreign officers  45,653livre tournois.11.6 20,540   
Medals  about 20,000   
February interest 80,000   
lottery on same loan, paiable at same time 70,000   
June interest (supposing the loan of 1787. filled) 300,000     538,540.
1790.   legations for the whole year 48,000   
Foreign officers  45,653livre tournois.11.6 20,540   
February interest 80,000   
June interest (supposing the loan of 1788 half filled in 1789) 325,000     473,540
Cr. 1788. Mar. 14. by cash in hands of the bankers this day  79,268.2.8
by nett proceeds of 590. bonds of 1787. remaining @ 920ƒ each. 542,800
by do. of 1000 bonds of the loan now proposed @ 920 each 920,000 1,542,068.2.8
Deficiency    1,949.7.45

MS (DNA: PCC, No. 87, ii). PrC (DLC). Dft (DLC). Another copy was sent to the Commissioners of the Treasury in TJ’s letter of 29 Mch. 1788. The more important variations between MS, Dft, and Tr sent to the Commissioners are noted below.

1These two items are bracketed in Dft and “36,000” written in margin.

2In Dft “5,943.4” is written in margin beside this item.

3Instead of the words, “Captives at Algiers,” Dft reads: “a particular purpose committed by Congress to Th:J.” This would seem to indicate that the Dft was a working copy which TJ employed in the negotiations with the Amsterdam bankers and that he did not wish to specify the object embraced by this item. Tr sent to Commissioners reads: “redemption of captives.” See note to Montgomery to TJ, 15 Oct. 1787.

4Tr sent to Commissioners reads: “legations and little expenses from Apr. to Dec. about 4000 florins a month.”

5Dft and Tr to Commissioners read: “1947.7.4.”

6Following this point, Tr to Commissioners reads: “Errors which were not noted at the time of making this estimate, and which are to be corrected. 1. The commission of the bankers on their paiments is not charged. 2. The articles stated in livres are extended in florins banco, whereas the loans being in florins courant, these should have been also.”

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