Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Presents made by Foreign Powers to Algiers, [after 8 April 1785]

Notes on Presents made by Foreign Powers to Algiers

France Livres
 Algiers. Every French Consul at
  Algiers. His present on reception 20,027 = 834 Louis
Tunis, on treaty of peace, the king 80,000
mercht. 12,000
To the Ambassador 38,840
130,840 = 5451 Louis
Morocco, on treaty of peace,
to Emperor 163,708
to his officers 74,250
to the ambassador 129,063
367,021 = 15,292 Louis
Tripoli, on their kings coronation 34,4311 = 1430 Louis
England, present in 1774 350,000 = 14,583 Louis
Denmark, with Algiers the peace in 1773 1,000,000 = 41,666 L.
Venice, to Algiers in 1779 187,000 = 7,731 L.
   1783 220,000 = 9,166 L.
Sweden to Morocco pays annually 100,000 = 4,166 L.
in 1775 it gave 367,500 = 15,312 L.
Portugal to Morocco on peace of 1773 148,000 = 6,166 L.

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated, but after receipt of the preceding letter from Lafayette. The enclosures that Lafayette had forwarded included lists and descriptions of such gifts as gold and silver, jewels, textiles, furniture, carriages, food, arms, naval stores, &c., and TJ in the present document attempted to summarize values in monetary terms, though clearly some figures (those for France) were exact while others were general estimates; also the gifts from various countries did not cover a uniform period of time.

1MS reads “34,341,” but TJ erred in transcribing the figure.

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