Thomas Jefferson Papers

American Commissioners to De Thulemeier, 9 September 1784

American Commissioners to De Thulemeier

Passy, 9 Sep. 1784. This letter is almost identical with the Commissioners’ letter to De Souza of this date, q.v. for variations in the text.

FC (DNA: PCC, No. 116); at head of text: “The object of the Commission with respect to the completion of a Treaty of Amity & Commerce between the United States of America and His Majesty the King of Prussia was communicated in the subsequent Letter to the Baron de Thulemeier Envoy extraordinary from His Prussian Majesty at the Hague: viz.”; at the foot of text: “A similar Letter was addressed at the same time to His Excellency the Count de Souza de Coutinho Ambassador from their most faithful Majesties at the Court of Versailles.” On 18 Sep. 1784 Adams wrote De Thulemeier privately about this official letter “to inform you, of our appointment to compleat the Negotiation already begun with the King of Prussia” (MHi: AMT).

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