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John Clark’s Invoice for Services, with Jefferson’s Approval, 22 December 1780

John Clark’s Invoice for Services, with Jefferson’s Approval

The Commonwealth To John Clark Dr
1780 April
 To a large table for the Council Chamber 2–15–0 old
 To alterations in the State house 0- 2–6 prices
 To Altering the table in the Council Chamber 0- 4–0
May 6
 To Mending a press with books Pr. Mr. Beckley 0– 5–0
 To Mending a table for the Clerks Pr. Do. 0–10–0
 To 2 Days work at the Pallice Council Chamber &c 10–0
 To 100 Brads for Do. 1–0
£4– 7–6
 To Repairing a Cabinet for His Excellency’s Pallace 1- 2–6
At the preisent price of provisions £350.1
pork 300
Beef 144
Corn 80
3  524 174 11000 110
5 7
174  870 £550 7700

In Council Dec. 22. 1780.

The within services were performed at our requisition, except the two articles for Mr. Beckley of which we know nothing.

Th: Jefferson

Tabular MS (Vi); endorsed (in more than one hand): “Feb. 5th. 1781 John Clark £550. Contingent Exd.” TJ’s note, in his own hand, is on verso. There is a separate note accompanying this paper reading as follows: “I certify that Mr. Clarke at my request repaired a Desk containing Books & papers of the General Assembly that got injured in removing it from Williamsburg; he also repaired one and altered another table for the use of the Assembly at my instance. J Beckley. 4th: January 1781.”

1This and the calculations below were added in the auditor’s office.

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