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Notes on Certain Acts of Assembly, [after 14 July 1780]

Notes on Certain Acts of Assembly

[After 14 July 1780]

Resoln Ass. June. 8. 1780. the certificates of the purchasers to be a discount for any future taxes, or paimt. in 6. months, or loan off. certificates Selden. the Claibornes. Randolph. this was extended by the Executive to waggons & teams. Elliott & Southall.

  • July. 14. 1780. ass. to make provision at next session for speedy paimt. & intt. the delegates &c.
  • May. 20. resoln. to impress waggons & teams to move Maryland troops. to be appraised & paid for as in other cases of impress but by resoln. of the 20th. of June may pay taxes, or take loan off. certif. or be paid in 6. months.

Act of assembly. sendg militia to So. Carola. power to impress. to be pd. in tobo. provn. still to be made by ass.

Provision law. certif. pay next money tax, or specific tax

Law givg further powers. power to impress cattle, waggons, horses, duck. Certif. pay as Provn. law.

N (DLC); in TJ’s hand. A literal text is given here.

All of the listed Acts and resolutions of the legislature grant powers to the executive for raising and equipping troops. For the Resoln Ass. June. 8. 1780., see JHD description begins Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia (cited by session and date of publication) description ends , May 1780, 1827 edn., p. 39; of July. 14. 1780., same, p. 89; of may 20., same, p. 16; Act … So. Carola., passed in Oct. 1779 session “for re-enlisting the troops of this state in the continental army, and for other purposes” (Hening, description begins William W. Hening, The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia description ends x, 214–15); Provision Law, passed in the May 1780 session “for procuring a supply of provisions and other necessaries for the use of the army” (same, p. 233–7); Law givg further powers, passed in the May 1780 session “for giving farther powers to the governour and council” (same, p. 309–15).

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