Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memoranda concerning Western Defense, [ca. 8 June 1780]

Memoranda concerning Western Defense

[ca. 8 June 1780]


  • Write to Colo. Bowman.
  • order on Colo. Fleming to send 1000 ℔ powd[er.]
  • do. Lynch 3000℔ lead.
  • Commanding officer of Clarke’s to receive, escort, go to Kentucky deliver to Bowman, call on Baker to aid in transportn.
  • order on Lynch 1000℔ lead for Chuckamogga expedn.
detamt. Crockett } Sandy
22.1 Botetourt 100
18. Rockbridge
16. Gr. Brier } Fort Randolph
43. Augusta
15. Rockingham
30. Frederick 150
30. Hampshire
50 Kentucky } Licking 200
Colo. Crockets
26. Shenandoah. Kelly’s


The Powder in Botetourt under the care of Co[l ‥‥] may be sent to Kentuckey with Lead from the Mines to be escorted by 100 Men sayed to be held in readiness to march from Washington under the command of Colo. Ar. Campbele. Any further supplys for the relefe of Kentuckey must be had from Colo. Broadhead and our three Countys near Pitsburg. A Letter to Colo. Broadhead, and orders to the County Lieutenants may be of singular service.2

150 men from Washington } to join N. Carolinians in expedn. agt. Chuckamogga.
100 Montgomery

 500℔ powder from this place

1000℔ lead from the mines

  • the men from the mines to go to Kentucky
  • to carry 1000℔ powder from Colo. Fleming
    • 3000℔ lead
    • 1000℔ powder to be sent now to Colo. Flemg. to replace
    • 2100℔ do. to go by Colo. Crocket.
    • 3000℔ lead to go by Crocket.
  • write to Colo. Broadhead and County Lts. Yohoga., Mononga., Ohio to send [men?]
    • to Broadhead to furnish ammunition if we have none, & to repay.
  • a guard of militia of Montgomery for lead mines long as necessary.

MS (DLC); 2 p.; in TJ’s hand, with the exception noted below.

These notes were evidently prepared by TJ in connection with the Proceedings of Council, preceding. See also TJ to William Preston, 15 June 1780, and TJ to William Campbell, 3 July 1780.

1There is in the MS another and parallel column of figures, evidently an earlier estimate, which varies slightly and has not been printed here.

2The preceding paragraph is in an unidentified hand.

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