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State of the Virginia Forces, [2 May 1780]

State of the Virginia Forces

[2 May 1780]

State of the Virginia Forces State of the Virginia forces in Continental service, including the rank & file & Non-commissioned officers only Temporary
enlistments not
expiring before
Sep. 30, 1780.
for terms
not specified
in the returns
for the War.
Total counted
as of our Quota
expiring between
dates of
returns & Sep.
30. & therefore
not counted
as of our Quota
Infantry with the main army, including the 1st & 2d. state regiments, as by return from Genl. Washington of Dec. 26. 1779. 181. 1456 1637. 1377
Colo. Gist’s regiment; as by Colo. Cabell’s return of Oct. 1779.  53   70  123.   99.
Recruits sent to the Southward under Genl. Scott, as by his return Nov. 18. 1779. 1002. 1002.
Colo. Porterfeild’s detachment of Infantry to South Carolina, as by his return May 2. 1780. 134.   84.  218. *1711
Colo. Harrison’s regiment of artillery, as by Genl. Washington’s return Dec. 26. 1779.2   4.   81.   85.  129.
Colo. Hazen’s regiment, as by return from Continentl. War office Feb. 23. 1780.   12   12
Majr. Caleb Gibbs’s corps of guards, as by return of War office Feb. 23. 1780.   37   37
Virginia troops at Fort Pitt as by return from Genl. Washington Nov. 1779.  308  308  100
Colo. Taylor’s regiment of guards to the Convention troops, enlisted during the stay of those troops in Albemarle  297.  297.
Colo. Moylan’s horse, as by letter from Genl. Washington of Feb. 16. 1780.   63   63
Reid’s troop of Majr. Nelson’s horse on service with the Convention troops Albemarle   29   29.
Two troops of Majr. Nelson’s horse detached to S. Carolina undr Colo. Porterfeild, return, May 2. 1780.  23   41.   64.
Colo. Baylor’s horse (exclusive of those in Carolina at the date of the return) as by return Oct. 13. 1779.  138.  138
Colo. Bland’s horse, no return: but said by the commanding officer to be about  140  140.
Majr. Lee’s horse as by letter from Genl. Washington Mar. 9. 17803   52   52.
395. 1781.4 2029 4205 1876.

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ’s hand.

This memorandum could not have been completed before 2 May 1780 (see the fourth and twelfth entries). In DLC: TJ Papers, 5: 723, is “A General Return of the Southern Detachment of State Troops under the comd. [of] Lt Colo. Porterfield, Specifying the expiration of their service, May 2nd 1780,” signed “Cs. Porterfield” and directed to “His Excelcy. Thomas Jefferson.” The total there given is 433.

1Below this column is a corresponding asterisk followed by a note reading: “these enlistments do not expire till Aug. & Sep. 1780.”

2At this point occurs a marginal note which applies to the first five entries in the table: “Marched, or or[dere]d to South Carolina.”

3At this point occurs a marginal note which applies to the last four entries in the table: “[M]ar[ched t]o S. Carolina.”

4Below this column appears the following note: “Scott’s brigade serve through the campaign of 1780. The cavalry is increased in numbers. Reid’s troop is for the war.”

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