Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to the Board of Trade, 26 January 1780

To the Board of Trade

In Council Jany. 26. 1780.

The Governor is advised to recommend to the Board of Trade to draw Bills of Exchange on Messrs. Penett & Co. to the amount of £4,000. Sterling payable to Colo. Geo. Rogers Clarke, to be by him disposed of to the best Advantage, and the proceeds paid, four fifths to Colo. Legras, and one fifth to Capt. Lintot in part of the debt due to them, and to take Measures for procuring other Bills of Exchange from Congress to be remitted to the said Penet & Co. in order to enable them to comply with the said Drafts on them; and to give the said Legras and Lintot written Assurance that the Balance which shall be still due to them shall be paid by the Public within the Term of one Year. The Board also advise the Governor to recommend to the Board of Trade to take Measures for providing on the public Account Lumber and Beef on the Ohio to be carried to New Orleans for payment of the public Debt and providing a Fund there, and that he give Sanction to such Measures when ready to be carried into Execution. Extract from Minutes.

A Blair, C. C.

Tr in Journal of the Board of Trade (Vi).

There is no record in the Journal of a reply to this letter, but on 27 Jan. the following minute was entered in the Journal: “Tho the Board, on maturely considering the Instructions of the Executive of yesterday, relative to Colo. Legras and Capt. Lintot, are of opinion the Business does not come with propriety within their Department; they are willing, however, to contribute all in their power to the service of the State, and therefore in Obedience to said Instructions it is Ordered that Bills of Exchange be drawn on Messrs. Penet & Co.”

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