Thomas Jefferson Papers

Financial and Military Estimates for Continental Defense, [June–July 1775]

Financial and Military Estimates for Continental Defense

[June-July 1775]

Apportionment of $2,000,000 in bills of credit according to population
souls dollars
New Hampshire 100,000 82,713
2 Massachusets 350,000 289,496
Rhode island 58,000 47,973
Connecticut 200,000 165,426
New York 200,000 165,426
New Jersey 130,000 107,527
3 Pennsylvania 300,000 248,139
Delaware counties 30,000 24,813
4 Maryland 250,000 206,783
1 Virginia 400,000 330,852
North Carolina 200,000 165,426
South Carolina 200,000 165,426
2,418,000 2,000,000

An estimate of the charge and expence of an army composed of 27,000 private men with the general & staff officers necessary for such a body of infantry.

1. General & commander in chief per month 500.
4. Major generals […]@166. dollars per month 664.
allowance for th[e major gen]eral in separate department 166.
8. Brigadier gener[als … a]t 125. pr. m. 1000.
1. Adjutant gene[eral] 125.
1. Deputy Adjutan[t gener]al or Brigade major suppose 60.
1. Commissary General 80.
1. Deputy Commissary General 60.
1. Quarter master General 80.
1. Deputy Quarter master General 40.
1. Paymaster General 100.
1. Deputy paymaster 50.
1. Cheif Engineer 60.
2. Assistant do.@20. dollrs. each 40.
1. Chief Engineer in a separate department 60.
2. Assistants do.@20. sollrs. each 40.
3. Aid de Camps@33. doll. each 99.
1. Secretary to the General 66.
1. Secretary to the Major General in separate department 33.
Commissary of the musters 20.
[8.] Aid de camps to the Major Generals@33. doll. pr. month each 264.
[8]. Brigade majors@30 doll. pr. M. each 240.
1. Commissary of the Artillery suppose 50.
46. battalions of 554. privates@£1551–18 pr. M. 237,956
24 companies of riflemen or light infantry@£181–2 pr. M. 14,[480]
10. companies of Artillery consisting of 57. men each, officers included at £142–7 each company pr. M. [4,733]
36,000 rations of provisions@6d pr. day each, for one month 90,[000]
Transportation of them, stores &c. will at a gross calculation amount to one half the expence of the provisions but this must be governed by circumstances, so cannot at present be more exactly calculated 45,[000]
[Total for six months] 2,376,5[16]
2000 barrels of Gunpowder
140 tons of lead
shot & shells with the necessary […] and repairs to be made to the artillery for the two armies
tents, drums & colours for the whole of the troops
Entrenching & Pioneers tools
Hospital, medicines, Physician, Chirurgeon [apoth]ecary & attendants
Unavoidable & Contingent expences which [cannot be] foreseen the above articles for 15,000 [men amount to] the sum of £105011 by the former es[timate] £105011
the like articles for 27,000 men will […] be 70006
which in dollars amounts to 583,39[0]

N (DLC). Portions of the text worn and faded; certain figures or parts thereof have been supplied, in brackets, by simple calculation. The caption for the table of bills of credit has also been supplied.

These tabular notes may have been originally compiled by TJ, or he may have merely copied them from papers drawn up during the sittings of the Congress as a committee of the whole “on the state of America” from 11 May until 22 July 1775. Whichever is the case, the notes display at the outset of TJ’s national career his habit of making and keeping records of current transactions for later reference that marked his whole public life. Apparently not available elsewhere in print (with the exception noted below), they are well worth study as records of the earliest steps taken by Congress after the outbreak of hostilities. For this first emission of Continental bills of credit, the Journals have only the brief entry, under 22 June, that bills of credit to the value of 2,000,000 Spanish milled dollars were to be emitted “for the defence of America,” and that the “twelve confederated colonies” were pledged to redeem them (JCC description begins Worthington C. Ford and others, eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789, Washington, D.C., 1904–37, 34 vols. description ends , ii, 103). In 1786 TJ turned over the table showing the apportionment of the bills of credit to J. N. Démeunier for use in the Encyclopédie methodique: Economie politique et diplomatique, Paris, 1784–1788, where it is printed in the article “Etats-Unis” (ii, 415) as an official estimate of American population at the outbreak of the Revolution; see TJ’s Observations on the Article Etats-Unis, 22 June 1786. Concerning the numbers and staff of the Continental army when first organized, there were protracted discussions by the Congress that are impossible to follow because conducted in a committee of the whole, though see the resolutions of 26 May (JCC description begins Worthington C. Ford and others, eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789, Washington, D.C., 1904–37, 34 vols. description ends , ii, 65), 14 June (p. 89–90), 15 June (p. 91), 16 June (p. 93–4), 22 June (p. 103–4), and 21 July (p. 201–2).

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