Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notice of Bidding for the Erection of a Prison, 31 January 1771

Notice of Bidding for the Erection of a Prison

To be let to the lowest bidder, on Thursday the 14th of March, at Charlottesville, in Albemarle,

The building of a prison of brick, with two rooms below, and two above stairs. Plans, prepared for the inspection of those disposed to undertake the same, may be seen on application to

John Henderson

Thomas Jefferson

John Walker

Printed from Virginia Gazette (Rind), 31 Jan. 1771. The notice continued to appear through the issue of 7 Mch.

It does not appear whether the contemplated prison at Charlottesville was built (see Woods, Albemarle County, p. 80–1). The earliest jail whose date is known, according to Miss Mary Rawlings, historian of Charlottesville, was erected in 1785. The plans, which would be interesting in the light of TJ’s later prison plans, have not been found.

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