Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from John H. Buell, 11 April 1800

From John H. Buell, 11 April 1800

Bennington 11th April 1800.


By this days mail I have Recd. yours of the 29th. March—as I had before order’d Capt. Bissell to march Yesterday with his Recruits for this Place and Capt McClary is Immediately on Receiving the order which I sent him; I was at a Stand whether to Let them come on, or to order Bissell to Return and McClary to holt at Westminster, I Took the opinion of Govenr. Tichenor, who was Clearly of Opinion that the Latter was much the better way, and as It was my opinion also, I have order’d it Accordingly

The Recruits will be Collected at Westminster and be in readiness for the Genl. further orders— The Genl. Court Martial shall be Convened as soon as Can be made Convenient; and I shall remove my quarters to Westminster So Soon as I Can Cross the Mountain (which at Present is almost Imposible with a horse). (When the Additional Clothing Comes on will it not be well for—the Clothing of one Company’s to be Landed at Springfield Massachusetts for Capt. Lyman which will save the Transportation up the River and back again.) Should it meet with your approbation, I wish those Recruits might be armed before they march Their Armes can Conveniently come by water from Springfield in or from Wallpoole in New Hamshire, to Westminster—Enclos’d is a Letter from Capt. Lyman to me Respecting Lieut Heald—

I have the honor to Remain Sir With great Respect Your Humble Servt.

John H. Buell Major

U.S. 2d. Regt. Infy.

(LS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress). In the left margin of the first page, there is an "X" mark beside the line in the second paragraph beginning "and be in readiness for...." In the left margin of the same paragraph there is an "X" mark paired with a bracket that starts at the line beginning "Comes on will it not be..." and continuing to the line that begins "the Transportation up the River...." On the second page of the letter there is an "X" mark in the left margin beside the last line of the second paragraph beginning "Lyman to me Respecting...."

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