Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from James McHenry, 4 April 1799

From James McHenry, 4 April 1799

War Department 4th. April 1799—


I have forwarded to you, by this days mail, a number of Copies, of the Contract with James OHara, for supplies of Provisions &c to the Western Posts, and Army of the United States; and also of “an Act, for the better organizing, of the Troops of the United States, and for other purposes,” passed the 3d. of March ulto.

The Act admits alternatives for certain parts of the ration, hereafter to be issued to the Troops of the United States, very necessary to be known to all the Agents of the Contractor, as well as the several Commandants.

You are requested to transmit, copies of the Contract, and of the Act of Congress, to the several Posts, for the Government of those, who may be concerned.

I am Sir with the greatest respect your obedient servant

James McHenry

Major General Alexander Hamilton—

(LS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; LS, letterpress copy, James McHenry Papers, Library of Congress). In the left margin on the first page are a printer’s fist and a vertical line marking the paragraph beginning "The Act admits alternatives...."

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