Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Marquis de Fleury, [29–30 August 1780]

From Marquis de Fleury1

[Newport, Rhode Island, August 29–30, 1780]

I beg you would tell Dr McEnnery2 that I shall write to him in a few days. I keep for him a gratitude for his friendly services equal to my esteem & friendship.

My respects to all the gentlemen of your Familly.

We have here one deputation of our yellow brothers,3 we treat them like kings—they are drunk all day long.

Je vous priè de faîre papier cette lettre au M Hazon4 pour une main sure. Je pouvais le   5 icy plusieurs personnes seraient bienàise mais s’il repond ad Rem, avec clarte, cela devendre au même & eté prie de vous communiquer ma lettre, & de me prendre votre avis.

Seal Hazen’s letter and forward it to him.

Col. Alexdr Hamilton
General Washingtons A.D.C.
Head Quarters.

Copy, Francis Baylies Papers, Library of Congress.

1François Louis Teisseydre, marquis de Fleury, a native of France and a veteran of the French army, served with the Continental Army from 1777 to 1779, when he was a lieutenant colonel of engineers. He returned to France in 1779 and arrived back in the United States with the French army in the summer of 1780.

2James McHenry, a native of Ireland, came to Philadelphia in 1771 and studied medicine under Dr. Benjamin Rush. He was a medical officer in the Continential Army from 1776 to 1778, when he was appointed secretary to George Washington. In August, 1780, he was transferred to Lafayette’s staff.

3On August 31, 1780, Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, wrote to George Washington: “Before yesterday, I received a deputation composed of 19 Indians of Different nations who have been led here by Mr. [James] Deane, and who have been sent me by Mr [Philip] Schuyler from Albany.… I showed them yesterday the French Toops mixed with the American.… They will go to Day, on board the fleet.…” (LS, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress). The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate to the Indians the unity of the French and the Americans and the hostility of both to the English. In a statement to the Indian chiefs, dated August 20, 1780, Rochambeau wrote: “The King of France your father has not forgot his children.… he learned with concern that many nations, deceived by the English, who are his enemies, had attacked and Lifted up the hatchet against his good and faithfull allyes the United States of America. he hath desired me to tell you that he is a firm and faithfull friends to all the friends of America, and sworn enemy to all its foes. he hopes that his children whom he loves sincerely, will take part with their father, in this war against the English” (DS, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress). See also Schuyler to Lafayette, August 18, 1780 (ALS, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress); Washington to Rochambeau, September 3, 1780 (PAH description begins Harold C. Syrett, ed., The Papers of Alexander Hamilton (New York and London, 1961– ). description ends , II, 420).

4Colonel Moses Hazen, Second Canadian Regiment.

5Space left blank in MS.

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