Alexander Hamilton Papers

William P. Van Ness’s Regulations for the Duel, [9 July 1804]

William P. Van Ness’s Regulations for the Duel

[New York, July 9, 1804]

1. The parties to leave the City at 5 O Clock A. M Wednesday morning 11th Instant.
2. The distance between the parties to be 10 yards & the Pistols not to exceed 11 Inches in the barrel. The Seconds to determine by lot the choice of Positions and the Giving of the word.
3. The parties being placed at their Stations—The Second who gives the words shall ask them whether they are ready. Being answered in the affirmative he shall say present after which the parties present & fire when they please. If one party fires before the other, the opposite second shall say one, two, three fire and he shall fire or loose his fire.
4. A snap or flash to be considered a fire.

AD, New-York Historical Society, New York City.

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