Alexander Hamilton Papers

William P. Van Ness’s Narrative of the Events of June, 27–28, 1804

William P. Van Ness’s Narrative of the Events
of June 27–28, 1804

I handed this1 to him2 at 12 Oclock on Wednesday the 27th Instant. After he had perused it agreeable to my instructions I delivered the Message which it is unnecessary to repeat. The request it contained, was acceeded to—after which Mr xxx remarked that a Court was then sitting in which Genl Hamilton had much business to transact, and had also some private arrangements to make which would render some delay unavoidable. I acceeded to his wish—and Mr xxx said he would call on me again in the course of the day or the following morning to confer farther relative to time & place.

Thursday June 28th 10 clock P. M. Mr. xxx called on me with a paper3 he said contained some remarks on the letter I had yesterday delivered him. I replied that if the paper he offered contained a definite and specific proposition for an accomodation, I would with pleasure receive it and submit it to the consideration of my Principal. If not that I must decline taking it, Mr Burr viewed the correspondence completely terminated by the acceptance of the invitation contained in the Message I had yesterday delivered. Mr xxx replied that it did not contain any proposition of the kind I alluded to, but was a reply to my last letter. I of course declined receiving it. Mr xxx then took leave and said that he would call again in a day or two to arrange time and place.

“Van Ness’s Narrative,” AD, New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown, New York; ADf, New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown, New York.

2Nathaniel Pendleton.

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