Alexander Hamilton Papers

Account of Louis Le Guen, [1 April 1803]

Account of Louis Le Guen1

[New York, April 1, 1803]

Louis Le Guen Esqr. To A Hamilton Dr
For retainer to Van Vechten & Spencer2 100  
By interest received from J L3 from the
13 of May 1802 to the 1 of April 1803
Ballance due from L L Guen Ds — 85.50

Recu. L. Le Guen

AD, signed by Le Guen, Yale University Library.

2Abraham Van Vechten and Ambrose Spencer were lawyers and among the most prominent members of their profession in New York State.

Van Vechten, a native of Catskill and a Federalist, was appointed in 1796 as district attorney for the Fifth District of New York. In 1798 he declined appointment as associate justice of the Supreme Court of New York. He was a member of the state Senate from 1798 to 1805.

Spencer, a native of Connecticut and for many years a resident of Columbia County, New York, was appointed clerk of the city of Hudson in 1786. He was a member of the New York Assembly in 1794 and a member of the Senate from 1796 to 1802. In 1797 he was a member of the Council of Appointment. He was a Federalist until 1798, when he shifted to the Republican party.

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