Alexander Hamilton Papers

Account with Ezra Weeks, [16 July 1802]

Account with Ezra Weeks1

[New York, July 16, 1802]

Dr Genl. Alexander Hamilton in Account with E Weeks Cr
1802 1802
To Balance of Acct. of work & Materials rend. up to 15th. may £158.14. 1 May 27th. By Cash £120.2  
“ Acct. of work & Materials up to July 3d 197.13.11 July 3 Balance 276. 3. 6
“ Danl. Hitchock3 Bill of Boards 3.13.  
“ Aymar & Prides4 Bill of Joist 1.19.  
“ John Aymars do of Do and Shingles 6. 3. 6
“ A. Freelons5 Bill of Fans & Side lights 28.    
£396. 3. 6 £396. 3. 6
July 3 To Balance 276. 3. 6
Received New York July 16. 1802 Received of A Hamilton Three hundred & Ninety six Dollars & 83 Cents on account.6

E. Weeks

The Amount of Mr. J B: Dashes’ Bill was Credited on a Statement rendered May 15.7

AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1Weeks submitted this bill to H for work he had done as builder of the Grange. See the introductory note to Philip Schuyler to H, July 17, 1800.

2An entry in H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804, under the date of May 27, 1802, reads: “paid E Weeks (Grange) 300” (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).

3Daniel Hitchcock was a lumber merchant in New York City.

4John Aymar and John and Peter Pride owned a lumberyard in New York City.

5Abraham Freelon was a fanlight maker in New York City.

6This receipt is in H’s handwriting and is signed by Weeks. In H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804, under the date of July 18, 1802, H wrote: “Expence (Weeks) 396.83” (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress). In 1802 three hundred and ninety-six dollars equaled approximately one hundred and fifty-eight pounds. H’s payment was therefore equal to the balance of his account with Weeks on May 15 as stated in the first item in this bill.

For subsequent payments to Weeks, amounting to four hundred dollars, see H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804, under the dates of January 1, 1803, and February 1, 1804.

7See Dash’s account in H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804 (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress). See also H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804, for the following receipt: “Received New York April 10th. 1802 from Alexr. Hamilton Esqr two hundred and fifty dollars on account for John B. Dash Jr. John G. Carpender.” John B. Dash, Jr., was a New York City ironmonger.

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