Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Pierre Charles L’Enfant, 14 July 1801

From Pierre Charles L’Enfant1

[Washington, July 14, 1801. On July 27, 1801, Hamilton wrote to L’Enfant and referred to “your letter of the 14th.” Letter not found.]

1L’Enfant had been a French volunteer in the Corps of Engineers during the American Revolution. After the war he redesigned and converted the old Jacobean City Hall in New York City into Federal Hall, the temporary seat of the Federal Government. In 1791 he was hired to plan the new Federal City on the banks of the Potomac, but because of a dispute with the commissioners of the Federal District he stopped working on this project in February, 1792. In July, 1792, the directors of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures hired L’Enfant to lay out the society’s manufacturing center in what is now Paterson, New Jersey. He resigned from the society’s staff in September, 1793.

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