Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: [List of Military Assignments], [21 February 1800]


First Regiment
John F Hamtramck Lieutt: Colonel Commandt:
Thomas Hunt 1st. Major
Thomas H Cushing 2nd. Major D: Inspector
1st. Lieutt: Robert Semple Adjutant
1st Lieutt: Yelverton Peyton Paymaster
2nd Lieutt: Joshua S Rogers Quarter Master
John Elliot Surgeon
1st. Surgeon’s Mate
2nd. Surgeons Mate
 1. Thomas Martin Captain
 2. Thomas Pasteur ditto
 3. Abner Prior ditto
 4. Daniel Britt ditto
 5. Ross Bird ditto
 6. John Wistler ditto
 7. Daniel Bissell ditto
 8. Charles Hyde ditto
 9. John Michael ditto
10. Ferdinand L Claibourne ditto
 1. Elijah Strong 1st. Lieutenants
 2. Nicholas Rosencrantz ditto
 3. Robert Semple ditto
 4. Robert Torrans ditto
 5. Yelverton Peyton ditto
 6. John W Thompson ditto
 7. Meriwether Lewis ditto
 8. John A Davidson ditto
 9. George Stahl ditto
10. Charles Smith ditto
11. Philemon C Blake ditto
12. Moses Hook ditto
 1. Joseph H Dwight 2nd Lieutt:
 2. Joshua S Rogers ditto
 3. Abraham Van Wert ditto
 4. Peter Robinson ditto
 5. Elias B Clemson ditto
 6. Samuel Clinton ditto
Second Regiment
David Strong Lieutt: Coll: Commandt:
John H Buell 1st. Major
Jacob Kingsbury 2nd. Major
1st. Lieutt: James Richmond Adjutant
1st. Lieutt: John Wilson Paymaster
1st. Lieutt: John Whipple Quarter Master
William McCrosky Surgeon
1st. Surgeon’s Mate
2nd. Surgeons Mate
 1. Cornelius Lyman Captains
 2. Richard H Greaton ditto
 3. Russell Bissell ditto
 4. Edward Miller ditto
 5. Edward D Turner ditto Be: Inspector
 6. Theordore Sedgwick ditto
 7. Bartholomew Shaumberg ditto
 8. Andrew McClary ditto
 9. Peter Shoemaker ditto
10. Jesse Lukens ditto
11. Nanning J Vischer ditto—Additional
12. Archibald Grey ditto—Additional
 1. Rezin Webster 1st. Lieutenants
 2. Benjamin Rand ditto
 3. James Richmond ditto
 4. John McClary ditto
 5. Samuel Allison ditto
 6. George Callender ditto
 7. John Whipple ditto
 8. John V Glen ditto
 9. Zebulon M Pike ditto
10. Nathan Heald ditto
11. William Laidlie ditto
12. John Wilson ditto
13. James Dill ditto
 1. Peter Shiras 2nd Lieutenants
 2. Thomas Porter ditto
 3. Benjamin Bullet ditto
 4. Seymour Rannix ditto
Third Regiment
Henry Gaithur Lieutt: Coll: Commandt:
Jonathan Cass 1st. Major
William Kersey 2. Major
1st Lieutt: William P Smith Adjutant
1st Lieutt: Peter P Schuyler Quarter Master
John F Carmichael Surgeon
John C Wallis 1st Surgeon’s Mate
2nd Surgeon’s Mate
 1. Zebulon Pike Captains
 2. Isaac Guion ditto Br: Inspector
 3 John Heth ditto
 4 Richard Sparks ditto
 5 William Ricard or Richard ditto
 6. John Wade ditto
 7. Samuel C Vance ditto
 8. John Bowyer ditto
 9. Aaron Gregg ditto
10. John Steele ditto
11. Peter Marks ditto
 1. Charles Wright 1st. Lieutenants
 2. William P Smith ditto
 3. Hugh McCall ditto
 4. George Strother ditto
 5. William R Boote ditto
 6. Jacob Wilson ditto
 7. Peter P Schuyler ditto
 8. Samuel Lane ditto
 9. Patrick McCarty ditto
10. Matthew Arbuckle ditto
11. John Horton ditto—Additional
12. John Saxon ditto—Additional
13. James Ryan ditto—1st. second Lieutt:
 1. Stephen S Gibbs 2. Lieutenant
Fourth Regiment
Thomas Butler Lieutt: Coll: Commandt:
William Peters 1st. Major
Daniel Bradley 2nd. Major
1st. Lieutt: George Salmon Adjutant
1st Lieutt: Richard Chandler Paymaster
1st Lieutt: Thomas Swaine Quarter Master
Joseph Philips Surgeon
David Davis 1st. Surgeon’s Mate
Samuel Davis 2. Surgeon’s Mate
 1. Edward Butler Captains
 2. Joseph Brock ditto
 3. Alexander Gibson ditto
 4. Robert Thompson ditto
 5. Samuel Tinsley ditto
 6. Benjamin Lockwood ditto
 7. William Diven ditto
 8. Peter Grayson ditto
 9. Jonathan Taylor ditto
10. Robert Purdy ditto
 1. Campbell Smith 1st Lieutenants
 2. Hartman Leithser ditto
 3. John Wallington ditto
 4. Francis Johnson ditto
 5. Thomas Swaine ditto
 6. Richard Chandler ditto
 7. George Salmon ditto
 8. John Campbell ditto
 9. James Bowman or Bowmar ditto
10. John Haines ditto
11. Gabriel Jones ditto—Additl:
12. Samuel McGuire ditto—Additl:
13. Thomas Blackburn ditto—Additl:
 1. Daniel Newman 2nd. Lieutenants
 2. James Love ditto
 3. Thomas Eastland ditto
 4. James Desha ditto
 5. John S Porter ditto

7Copy, in the handwriting of Ethan Brown, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; ADf, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

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