Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Richard Hunewell, 19 October 1799

From Richard Hunewell

Portland [District of Maine] October 19, 1799. “Herewith I send you a return from the Quarter Master & Paymaster,1 of the several articles received in their Department, for the use of the 15th. Regiment with the several Articles wanting to compleat the number For the use of the Regt., together with my observations2 of their qualities &c.—generally they are good, & of a much better quality than the troops expected; if the Army in general have been furnished with Cloathing Tents & other camp equipage, equal to that of my Regt., they have in my opinion no reason to complain & as Soldiers they have no right to.”

LS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1Lieutenant Charles Cutler was appointed quartermaster of the Fifteenth Regiment of Infantry on May 23, 1799, and Lieutenant William Swan became paymaster of the regiment on the same day (Godfrey, “Provisional Army,” description begins Charles E. Godfrey, “Organization of the Provisional Army of the United States in the Anticipated War with France, 1798–1800,” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography XXXVIII (1914: Reprinted, New York, 1965). Godfrey confuses the Provisional Army with the Additional Army. description ends 177–78).

2“Observations on the several Articles Reced. for the use of the 15th Regt. Infy” (copy, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).

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