Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to James McHenry, 7 May 1799

To James McHenry

New York, May 7, 1799. “… Col Smith … recommends1 as his Major … Theodosius Fowler Esqr.…2 I do not find among the p⟨apers before⟩ me any list of the Officers of the Additional Troops of C⟨avalry⟩. Will you be pleased to have it transmitted? I promised Mr. Jones3 your C⟨lerk⟩ a memorandum of the number of printed copies of oat⟨hs⟩ and weekly returns which it would be expedient to ⟨send⟩ to the several commandants of the Twelve Regiments. Wil⟨l⟩ you be so good as to direct him to forward to each Commandant 704 copies of oaths three hundred copies of weekly returns of recruits—and to add to these thirteen copies of the Articles of War? Col Stevens has renewed his inquiries of me as to his compensation.4 I am anxious that this and the duties he is to perform, which is connected with the general plan you had under consideration, should be determined. The orderly and prosperous course of the service can only be the ⟨r⟩esult of a good organisation. And it is in every thing desireable to begin to lay the foundations well.… It has been well determined ⟨tha⟩t none but natives shall be enlisted for the ⟨ca⟩valry. I earnestly wish that this rule was adopted ⟨by⟩ the Artillery. It is extremely important that ⟨each⟩ corps shall be well composed and especially ⟨that⟩ there shall be every ground of reliance ⟨on⟩ its fidelity.”

ADfS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1Letter not found.

2A veteran of the American Revolution, Fowler was a New York City contractor and a speculator in securities and land. For H’s earlier association with Fowler, see “Contract for Army Rations,” October 28, 1790, note 2.

3Nathan Jones.

4See Ebenezer Stevens to H, April 17, 19, 1799. Stevens had asked for compensation on several previous occasions. See Stevens to H, December 18, 1798; February 23, March 14, 1799.

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