Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: Arrangement of the Artillery, [25 April 1799]

Arrangement of the Artillery

[Philadelphia, April 25, 1799]

For the Western Army
Names Rank Date of Commission Residence
Henry Burbeck Lieut. Colonel 7. May 1798 Michilimacinac
John J. Ulrich Rivardi Major 26. February 1798 Niagara
Moses Porter Captain 4 November 1791 Michilimacinac
Alexander Thompson ditto 2. June 1794 Niagara
George Demlar ditto 20. August 1795 said to be dead7
Piercy Pope ditto 24. April 1798 Natchez
Theophilus Elmer Lieutenant 17 July 1794 Detroit
Peter Talman ditto 26. February 1795 ditto
Richard Whiley ditto 19. December 1796 Michilimacinac
Andrew Marshall ditto 1. November 1796 Mississippi
James Sterret ditto 2. June 1794 ditto
Thos: Underwood ditto 26. July 1795 Tenessee
Robert Parkison ditto 19. December 1796 Massac
John Campbell ditto 1. November 1796 Mississippi
John M Lovel }
Be: Major to
General Wilkinson
ditto 26. February 1795
Charles Brown Surgeon 2 June 1794 Detroit
John G. Coffin Surgeons Mate " " Niagara
Georgia and South Carolina
Constant Freeman Major 28. February 1795 Philadelphia
Michael Kaltieson Captain 18. July 1794 Charleston
George Izard Lieutenant 2. June 1794   "
Jonathan Robeson ditto   "   "
Abimael Y Nicholl Captain 29. November 1794 St. Mary’s Georgia
William Morris Lieutenant 29. July 1794 under Col:
Howell Cobb 1. Novr: 1796 on the Mississippi
John Mc:Clellan Captain 24. July 1798 wth. General Macpherson9
Robert Rowan Lieutenant 2. June 1794 sick near Wilmington
Staats Rutledge 22. February 1799 Litchfield
Frederick Frye Captain 2. June 1794 Governor’s Island
Horatio Dayton Lieutenant 17. July 1794 Governors Island
Samuel Fowles 22. February 1799 Massac
North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland
Machlon Ford Major 7. May 1798 Reading
Richard S Blackburn Captain 2 June 1794 Norfolk
John Saunders Lieutenant 26. February 1795
James Triplett 19. December 1796
James Bruff Captain 2. June 1794 Philadelphia
Henry Muhlenburg Lieutenant West Point
James P Heath 22. February 1799 Warwick Delaware
Ebenezer Massey Captain 7. May 1798 Fort Mifflin
Peter A Dransy Lieutenant 12. April 1795 West Point
Ebenezer Beebe 22. February 1799 Litchfield Connecticut
Staats Morris Captain 26. February 1795 Baltimore
Philip Landais Lieutenant 19. December 1796
Samuel T Dyson
Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey and New York
Benjamin Brooks Major 4. June 1798 Upper Malbro Md
James Read Captain West Point
Theodore Memminger Lieutenant Northampton
Robert W Osburn Fort Mifflin
Callender Irvine Captain Carlisle
George W Carmichael Lieutenant West point
Charles Wollstencraft Northampton
James Stille Captain West Point
Philip Stewart Lieutenant
Patrick C Harris North Carolina
Walter L Cochran Captain Northampton
William L Cooper Lieutenant Northampton
Richard Heaton Junr: 22 Feby: 1799    do
Connecticut. Rhode Island. Vermont. Massachusetts. New Hampshire
Daniel Jackson Major 4 June 1798 Boston
Decius Wadsworth Captain 4. June 1798 New London
Nathaniel Leonard Lieutenant Windsor ordd: to march
Francis Gibson Northampton
John Henry Captain 4. June 1798 Northampton P
John W Livingston Lieutenant New York
John Knight Northampton
Lemuel Gates Captain Boston
George W Duncan Lieutenant
George Waterhouse 22. February 1799 Cambridge M
Amos Stoddard Captain 4. June 1798 Portland
William Steele Lieutenant
Leonard Williams 22 February 1799
For the Field
Lewis Toussard Major 26. February 1795 New Port. R I
George Ingersoll Captain 2. April 1798 West Point
Philip Rodrique Lieutenant 19. December 1796
William Littlefield Captain 2. June 1794 Rhode Island
George Ross Lieutenant 19. Decr: 1796
Joseph Elliot Captain 19 July 1796 with Genl:
James House Lieut 22. Feby: 1799 with Captn. Elliot
William Yates Albany
Nathaniel Freeman Captain 6 August 1798 West Point
Warham Shepard Westfield
For the Field
Adam Hoops Major 4 June 1798 New York
William McRhea Captain Alexandria V
James White Lieutenant S Carolina
John Fergus Wilmington
Samuel Eddins Captain Richmond
Alexander D Pope Lieutenant
John Leybourn Savannah
Francis H Huger Captain Charleston S C
William Deveaux Lieutenant Savannah
James B Many Charleston
John Bishop Captain 4 June 1798 Winchester
John Hancock Lieutenant Kempsville V
David Evans Junr: 22 Feby: 1799 Fayetteville

A Hamilton MG

6DS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; Df, in the handwriting of Philip Church and H, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; ADf, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

8Henry Gaither, a resident of Maryland and a veteran of the American Revolution, was lieutenant colonel commandant of the Third Regiment of Infantry and was stationed at Fort Fidius on the Oconee River in Georgia.

9William Macpherson.

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