Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: [List of Nominations for Senate Approval], [21 January 1799]


† Nathaniel White Lt: Colonel New Hampshire.
O Bradbury Cilley Major ditto.
O Caleb Gibbs Lt. Colonel Massachusetts.
O John Hobby Major ditto.
O John Chipman ditto Vermont.
O James Sawyer Captain ditto.
O George Woodward Lieut: ditto.
O William Switzer ditto ditto.
O Marmaduke Wait Ensign ditto.
O Richard Motley ditto Massachusetts11
withdrawn.   Hermanus p. Schuyler Captain New York.
O John Mc.Dugal Laurence Lieut: ditto.
P William B. peters ditto ditto.
O Clement Woods ditto New Jersey.
O George Taylor Captain Pennsylvania.
O Thomas Swearingen ditto ditto.
O James Ralston ditto ditto.
O Elisha p. Barrows Lieut. ditto.
O Edward Nicholas ditto ditto.
O Peter Jacquett ditto Delaware.
O William S. Dallum Captain Maryland.
O Daniel C. Heath Lieut: ditto.
O Samuel Davis Ensign ditto.
O William K. Blue Captain Virginia.
O George Hite ditto ditto.
Dead. O Thomas Opie Lieut: ditto.
P Gerard Roberts Ensign ditto.

† negatived by the Senate.

O not sent in.

P postponed.

10D, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Although this document is printed as an enclosure to this letter, McHenry forgot to enclose this schedule on January 21 and sent it as an enclosure to McHenry to H, January 22, 1799.

11This word is in H’s handwriting.

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