Alexander Hamilton Papers

Appendixes Nos. XLVI–LII: Letters from various authors, 22 July 1797–9 August 1797


XLVI To James Monroe July 22, 1797
XLVII From James Monroe July 25, 1797
XLVIII To James Monroe July 28, 1797
XLIX From James Monroe July 31, 1797
L To James Monroe August 4, 1797
LI From James Monroe August 6, 1797
LII To James Monroe August 9, 1797

N. B. It may be proper to observe that in addition to the original letters from Mrs. Reynolds, there are in the hands of the gentleman with whom the papers are deposited, two original letters from her, one addressed to Mr. R. Folwell—the other to a Mrs. Miller, and both of them signed Maria Clingman, in the former of which she mentions the circumstance of her being married to Clingman.

75See note 73.

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