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Tract Granted by Robert Morris within the Genesee Lands, [June 1797]

Tract Granted by Robert Morris
Within the Genesee Lands1

[New York, June, 1797]

A 27 February 1793 Deed from R Morris & Wife to Herman LeRoy & others called 1000000 (but by bounds)
A2 20 of July 1793 Ditto to ditto (called 800000 as before)
24 Decr. 1792
Do. to do Two adjoining Tracts
1000 } The most Western
& bounding on the
lakes with a meridian line
for the Eastern boundary
A6 28 Decr. 1796 do. to do    40000
Mortgage Eastern & extendg Westward to the point of triangle of Le Roy & Bayard
A7 31 of Decr. 1796 Mortgage of same tract for a further purpose
20 of July 1793 for three Tracts the one the SouthEastern Corner of the whole Dutch tracts—
another  for 54.000 acres
called another  for 46 000
500 000      100 000 acres
B 11 Jan 1793 From R M to Le Roy & Bayard their own  80 000
5 of April 1797 From Cottringer to R Morris adjoining to Watson
33 750.
6 of April 1797— From Morris to Craigie
Same tract except the Genessee flats
1 May 1796 From Morris to S Ogden
adjoining the lake (granted or to be granted) 50000 acres except Genessee Flats with covenant to give equal quantity of upland.
May 31. 1796 to A Hamilton 100 000
May 4, 1797
May 4. 1797 from Morris to Harrison

AD, Columbia University Libraries, New York City.

1H endorsed this document: “Tract, granted by R Morris within the Genesee Lands, Judgment on which purchase was June 1797.”

For background to this document and the individuals mentioned in it, see the introductory note to H to Morris, March 18, 1795; Morris to H, June 7, 1795.

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