Alexander Hamilton Papers

[From Alexander Hamilton to the Citizens of New-York], [13 December 1796]

[To the Citizens of New-York]1

[New York, December 13, 1796]

The [New York] Argus. Greenleaf’s New Daily Advertiser, December 27, 1796.

1In reprinting this handbill signed by “A True American,” the Argus stated that on December 13, 1796, “three thousand of the following hand-bill were slily pushed under the knockers and doors of the citizens under cover of the darkness of the night.” The Argus suggests, but does not categorically state, that H wrote this handbill. No other evidence has been found that H was its author.

In the same issue the Argus reprinted a second handbill, which was signed by “A Real Whig” and was distributed on December 14, 1796, along with the suggestion that H may have been its author also.

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