Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Walter Livingston, 17 June 1796

From Walter Livingston

[Livingston Manor, New York] June 17, 1796. “In examining my fathers1 papers yesterday I found a receipt of yours in the following words Viz. Received New York June 8. 1786 of Robert C. Livingston Esquire Twenty five Dollars as a retainer for the Manor of Livingston. Alex Hamilton.2 I have taken the liberty to mention this because my brother, Henry3 who is gone down with an intention to endeavour to procure your assistance in some of his ejectment Causes against his & Johns Tenants in the Manor which will be tried in July term at Albany—applied to me for information respecting the retainer.…”

LC, New-York Historical Society, New York City.

1Robert Livingston, Jr., third lord of Livingston Manor, died in November, 1790.

2Receipt not found. On February 25, 1795, after discussing a dispute with a group of tenants, John Livingston wrote to his brother Walter: “… I shall to day call on Mr Hamilton and give him a General Retainer for us in this & all other business. If he will take it—the complement must be paid him” (ALS, New-York Historical Society, New York City). No evidence has been found that H received this retainer.

3Henry (Hendrick) Livingston, sixth son of Robert Livingston, Jr.

On June 22, 1796, Henry Livingston wrote to Walter Livingston from New York: “… [John] Wigram had found the charge against Hamilton for £10 … in the invoice Book. Since I have been in Town Mr. [John B.] Coles has Examined the Books of R[obert] C[ambridge] L[ivingston] where it is Charged, but Could not find the receipts amongst the papers” (ALS, New-York Historical Society, New York City). Wigram was the overseer of Livingston Manor; R. C. Livingston was the brother of Walter and Henry Livingston; Henry Coles was a New York City merchant.

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