Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Robert Morris, 17 May 1796

From Robert Morris1

Alex Hamilton Esqre. N York

Phila May 17. 1796

Dear sir

When you received the Bond & Mortgage Deed transmitted herewith which are dated the 16 Instant2 you will perceive that there has been all the sincerity in my Professions which you could expect. I have from you experienced that degree of Confidence which consisted with my Character and I have been gratified thereby but the extreme solicitude that has lately appeared on your part leads me to suppose that Mr Churchs letters or the Common Reports have impaired that Confidence. You probably dread the Effects of the Judgements you have heard of but you need not, I have provided for them and so I shall continue to do whenever it becomes indispensible. I would never Suffer a Judgement to come against me, if I was alone in the business, but as I am now situated I cannot prevent it untill such time as solid relief shall arise from the abundant Property which I possess. I will seek the means of clearing away the Mortgage to Colo Smith3 and I am sure the Principals in that Business would never have treated me as the Attorneys have done. Were I to act agreeably to my feelings a very different letter would be written by me to Mr Church than that which you will find inclosed herein & that such a letter is not written you may truly ascribe to yourself because I respect and esteem you. Be so kind to transmit with this letter your Advice of our new Arrangement & desire him to transfer the North American Land Company Shares agreeably to my request.4 You did not leave with me the Deed of Conveyance of the 20290 Acres of Land but I still have the Patents & will either send them to you or deliver them to any Person you please.5 I am Sincerely



LC, Robert Morris Papers, Library of Congress.

1This letter concerns Morris’s debt to John B. Church. For this debt and Morris’s efforts to pay it, see the introductory note to Morris to H, June 7, 1795. See also Morris to H, July 20, November 16, December 18, 1795, March 6, 12, 14, 30, April 27, May 3, 10, 1796; William Lewis to H, May 4, 1796.

2On May 16, 1796, Morris and his wife, Mary, signed an indenture by which Morris deeded to H one hundred thousand acres in Ontario County, New York, as security for his debt to Church (DS, Montague Collection, MS Division, New York Public Library). This mortgage had to be revised (Morris to H, May 31, 1796). In its final form it was dated May 31, 1796. See the introductory note to Morris to H, June 7, 1795, and the introductory note to Morris to H, April 27, 1796.

3For this mortgage and its relationship to the debt which Morris owed to Church, see the introductory note to Morris to H, April 27, 1796. See also Morris to H, May 3, 10, 1796.

4See Morris to H, June 7, 1795, note 7.

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