Alexander Hamilton Papers

[The Defence No. XXXV], [26 December 1795]

[The Defence No. XXXV]1

[New York, December 26, 1795]

ADf, in the handwriting of Rufus King, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; The [New York] Herald; A Gazette for the Country, December 26, 1795.

1For background to this document, see the introductory note to “The Defence No. I,” July 22, 1795. Except for some phrases, sentences, and two paragraphs inserted by H, the draft of “The Defence No. XXXV” is in the handwriting of Rufus King.

On the back of this document H wrote: “Mr. Moreton will oblige me by copying the within. It will be the last with which he will be troubled.” Below H’s note is written: “‘But the Master whom I serve quickens what’s dear and makes my Labours pleasure.’ JM.”

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