Alexander Hamilton Papers

[The Defence No. XXIV], [14 November 1795]

[The Defence No. XXIV]1

[New York, November 14, 1795]

ADf, in the handwriting of Rufus King, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; The [New York] Herald; A Gazette for the Country, November 14, 1795.

1For background to this document, see the introductory note to “The Defence No. I,” July 22, 1795.

Except for several words and phrases and one paragraph inserted by H, the draft of this essay is in the handwriting of Rufus King. The paragraph added by H reads: “It has not appeared that this was ever done [the renewal of the powers given to Edmond Charles Genet to negotiate a commercial treaty between France and the United States]. His immediate successor Mr. [Jean Antoine Joseph] Fauchet, it is believed, gave no evidence of his having any powers relative to a Commercial Treaty; and if reports which arrived with the present Minister, having greater marks of authenticity, may be creditted—he has power only to digest the articles of such a treaty not to conclude one.” See H to Oliver Wolcott, Jr., October 3, 1795, note 4; Wolcott to H, October 6, 1795.

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