Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to George Washington, 20 January 1795

To George Washington

Treasury Departmt. Jany. 20. 1795.


An application having been made to this Department, during your late absence with the Militia Army,1 for an advance of money on account of the Mint Establishment; the sum of Five thousand Dollars was accordingly furnished to the Treasurer as will appear by the enclosed documents.2

As all payments of this nature have been heretofore sanctioned by you, I have to request, that you will be pleas’d to signify your approbation of the said advance of Five thousand Dollars.

I have the honor to be &c.

Alexr Hamilton

P.S. It has not been made regularly from the Treasury; but by an informal advance by the Bank, which requires to be reimbursed.

LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

1Washington had left Philadelphia on September 30, 1794, and returned on October 28, 1794.

2On October 16, 1794, David Rittenhouse, Director of the Mint, wrote to Edmund Randolph: “There appears by the Books of the Treasurer of the Mint to be due to him from the United States, at the close of the quarter ending the 30 September 1794, a balance of dollars 1571.34

“In addition to the balance above mentioned, he has since drawn for an accot. of Expenditure &c. Dollars 1395.32

“The purchase of a house & Lot for the use of the Mint, will require the immediate payment of 1200.  

“The additional expenses of the Establishment for the present quarter will probably amount, say to 2404.68

Dollars. 5000.”  

On this letter Randolph on October 20, 1794, wrote: “I have no doubt, that the President were he here, would approve of the advance of the above.” Under Randolph’s note, Oliver Wolcott, Jr., who was managing the Treasury Department in H’s absence in western Pennsylvania, wrote on October 21 to Edward Jones, a Treasury Department clerk: “There being no appropriation to satisfy the object of Mr Rittenhouse’s estimate, I advise that an advance of Five thousand dollars, be made to the Treasurer … by a Letter of credit on the Bank” (LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress).

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