Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Gouverneur Morris, 25 July 1794

From Gouverneur Morris

Sainport [France] 25. July 1794

Dear Sir

I had the Honor to transmit to you on the twenty third of last April an Account of the payments made in Consequence of your letter of the 15th.1 of September 1792. Since which I have written to correct an Omission in that account of a payment made in Holland by my Order of the Amount due to the person who stands the twenty sixth in the list you sent me.2 On the fifth Instant and in Consequence of an Application from Mr. Pinckney3 I have directed the Bankers at Amsterdam4 to pay to his order the Ballance due on No. 25. Wherefore supposing that to be effected I now annex a new List5 of the payments such as they will stand when that credit shall have been employed by Mr. Pinckney.

LC, Gouverneur Morris Papers, Library of Congress.

1Morris is mistaken. H’s letter was dated September 13, 1792.

3Thomas Pinckney to Morris, n.d., concerning Jean Baptiste Joseph, Chevalier de Laumoy (copy, Columbia University Libraries). This note is endorsed May, 1794. See also Pinckney to H, February 27, 1794.

4Morris’s letter to Willink, Van Staphorst, and Hubbard is misdated June 5, 1794, in the letter book (LC, Gouverneur Morris Papers, Library of Congress).

5“List of payments made by order from the Secretary of the Treasury dated 13 Sepr. 1792 …” (LC, Gouverneur Morris Papers, Library of Congress).

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