Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Stephen Higginson, 10 July 1794

From Stephen Higginson

Boston, July 10, 1794. “I received your Letter of June 24,1 & have noted your observations relative to Copper & Iron for the Frigates. I believe the decision to resort to England for the Copper is right.…2 We have here had much experience, by trial, of the qualities of the Duck manufactured in this Town.… I have cloathed a number of Vessels with our Duck & it has certainly worn better than either Russia or English of common qualities. The experience of others who have used it, has here established its reputation fully, & our Sail makers all say that it wears longer than those others & never has proved liable to mildew like them.…3 The rupture between Portugal & Algiers is removed,4 an Event very favorable to our Commerce, & tending to quiet turbulent Spirits. Would it not be grateful to Portugal, & useful to Our Country, to form a Convention with her relative to those Robbers? … I wish Mr. Jay,5 with our ministers at Paris & London6 were authorised to offer themselves as mediators, should the appearances in Europe clearly evidence a disposition, to make peace, in the Powers at War. The existing state of things may & probably will be such, as that all Parties may earnestly wish for peace; but the causes objects & circumstances of this War are novel & extraordinary, & may prevent any overtures for want of mediation. What power in Europe so likely to be used for this as America? … I must subjoin … that within a short time there may be a favorable period for making a commercial Treaty with Britain, if it be eligible to have one.…”

ALS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1Letter not found.

5John Jay, Envoy Extraordinary to Great Britain.

6James Monroe and Thomas Pinckney.

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