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Enclosure A: Probable State of Cash up to the First of April Ensuing, 4 February 1794

Probable State of Cash Up to the First of April Ensuing.
Proba[b]le Demands on the Treasury to the first of April vizt. Amount of Cash in the several Banks per Treasurer’s return of the 3d. instant 332,177.50
For the Department of War 113,827.38 Amount of Cash in the hands of the several Collectors of the Customs and Supervisors per Abstract of returns dated the 3d. instant. 134,605.96
For the payment of Foreign Officers 133,961.64 By Amount of Sums receivable for duties on Imports and Tonnage in the Months of February and March per Abstract of returns of Bonds made up the 7th. of January last 272,734.43
For Sums informally advanced by the Bank for the public Service for want of Appropriations 69,843. 5 Deficiency of Cash towards answering the probable Demands on the Treasury  621,294.18
For Bills purchased to remit to Amsterdam for payment of Interest falling due on the Foreign Debt to the first of March inclusively 168,000.   Dollars 1,360,812. 7
For the last Instalment of a Loan of 800,000 Dollars of the Bank of the United States obtained pursuant to an Act of the last Session7 200,000.  
For a Quarter’s Interest on the public Debt payable within the United States 547,000.  
Amount of Civil List for a quarter including Compensations to Members of Congress 128.180.  
Dollars 1,360,812. 7

Alexander Hamilton.
Secy. of the Treasury.

7See note 5.

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