Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to James Blanchard, 22 January 1794

To James Blanchard1

Treasury Department
January 22nd, 1794


I have examined into the matter mentioned in your letter of the 19th Instant2 & have inspected the Books & papers relative to it. The result is as follows viz

The sum charged to the State of New Hampshire, and for which you have credit with the United States, is 5354 Dollars & 60/90 and not as you state 5353 Dollars;

Consequently the balance which remained of the Sum of 5732 dollars, which you acknowledge to have received was not as you state 379 Dollars, but 377 Dollars & 30/90.

In your account of New Emissions settled by Mr. Howell3 under date the 13th of September 1790, you have credit for the above balance of 377 dollars & 30/90 as paid to Hezekiah Wetmore.

This sum is included in that account in a greater sum of 427 Dollars & 30/90 which upon recurring to an account rendered by Mr. Pearce, is found to be composed of two different payments to Hezekiah Wetmore viz

July 1 1781  50
Sept 10, 1781 377,30
Dollars 427,30

So that it is manifest you have already had in substance the credit you claim, correcting an error of statement.

I am Sir   your hum. Svt.

Alex. Hamilton

Mr. James Blanchard

ALS, from a typescript furnished by Dr. Herbert E. Klingelhofer, Bethesda, Maryland.

1For background to this letter, see Oliver Wolcott, Jr., to H, January 21, 1794.

2Letter not found.

3On Blanchard’s account of new emissions Joseph Howell, Jr., signed himself “Acting Commissioner in the Office of the (late) Army Accounts” (DS, RG 217, Miscellaneous Treasury Accounts, 1790–1894, Account No. 1037, National Archives). In 1792 Howell was appointed accountant for the War Department.

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