Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Representatives of the Oneida Indians, 15 January 1794

From Representatives of the Oneida Indians

Oneida [New York] Jany: 15th 1794

Brother, attend to our words,

We write to you in particular, because some of us know you. We have all heard that you are a friend of every body—Indians as well as White people. We rejoice to hear it. We always want friends among our Brothers the white people. But should the troubles which afflict the Nations over the great Waters reach this Country, we shall again, more particularly stand in need of the friendship of our Bretheren the people of the United States. No body can tell what may happen. We think it would be good, & we wish you Brother to recommend it to Congress, to advise the Senecas & Onondagos at buffaloe Creek, to send some of their Children to be educated at a School which is erected in our Neighbourhood1—where we have sent some of our Children to learn to read & write—and that provision be made for their Support. We think that such a measure would serve to strengthen & brighten the Chains of friendship with those Nations. Brother, We Salute you. This is all we have to say.

John Shianondo  X   his mark

Peter Onegomba  X   his mark

John Onodigo  X   his mark

Peter Sademarenghkin  X   his mark

Todwick Thaghasaweta  X   his mark

Cornelius Thahiktoton  X   his mark

Thomas Shononghsis  X   his mark

Daniel Shianondo  X   his mark

Alexr. Hamilton Esqr:

LS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1This is a reference to the Hamilton Oneida Academy established at Whitestone in Oneida County. The Academy was chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York on January 31, 1793. H was one of the sixteen original trustees of this school, which was founded for the education of the Indians.

For the policy of inviting Indians from nations other than the Oneidas, see Joseph D. Ibbotson and S.N.D. North, eds., Documentary History of Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y., 1922), 75–80.

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