Alexander Hamilton Papers

List of French Distressed Persons, [1793]

List of French Distressed Persons

[Philadelphia, 1793]

1 Madame Le Grand with two Children lives near the little Market at the house of Mr. Peter French Hatter in the greatest Indigence
2 Madame Gauvin second street North No. 83 with three Children equally destitute
3 Madame Demarie blind with a daughter who is a widow and a little Child No. 19 Cedar Street in dreadful distress
4 Madame Noel 7 Children and an orphan of whom she took charge. Mulbery Street No 223—has not yet experienced so great extremity as the former but is at present without money and owes 26 Dollars
5 Madame Robard with 4 Children Madame Benoit with two, both in the greatest indigence. Their residence at present unknown.

Subscriptions for the Relief of the foregoing persons—viz1

  • Mary Morris.—10 dollars
  • Eliza Hamilton—20 dollars
  • Th Cazenove—Ten dollars
  • Susan Kean 5 Dols.
  • Cash—10 dollars
  • Dl: Huger 5 Dollars 50
  • Ann H Livingston 3 dollars
  • D Stewart. Five dollars
  • paid L Knox Ten Dollars
  • pd. Wm. Smith—five Dollars
  • pd T Dalton five Dollars
  • pd. J Williams five Dollars.
  • pd. Cash 5 Dollars
  • pd. H. Breck ten Dollars
  • pd. R. Izard Five Dollars. 50
  • pd. C. Lagarinne five Dollars—50
  • pd YZ—fifteen Dollars
  • paid—Cash—5 Dollars
  • Paid—Eliza. Powell 10 Dollars
  • Paid—TF.—8 dollars 46
  • paid Eliza. Cabot 5 Dollars—RK
  • R King 5 Dollars—paid. RK
  • O. Ellsworth 5 dolls—paid RK
  • P Butler 5 Dol—paid R⟨K⟩
  • M. Coxe 3 dollars paid
  • J Whitesides 5 Drs
  • John Guest jun 10 doll
  • Mrs. Nixon—8
  • Mr. Ross—5
  • Mrs. Livingston—5

D, in the handwriting of H, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1Up until this point this document is in the handwriting of H. The list of names that follows consists of the signatures of the subscribers. In each instance the amount of money following a subscriber’s name is in the handwriting of the subscriber.

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