Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from William Munson, 30 September 1793

From William Munson

Collectors office New Haven [Connecticut] Septr 30th. 1793


I have the honor of Transmitting you the Weekly return by which it will appear that there was Cash in the hands of the Late Collector1 at the time of his Deccease Agreeable to the Statement of his account

the Sum of 14704 —95¾
and that Since his Decease there has been recived 1549 —32¾
 Total 16254 —28½
Out of which there has been Paid as
pr Weekly return
25 —46 
16288 —82½

Which Sum is in the hands of Mrs Fitch the Widow of the Deceasd.

With respect to the Cash on hand at the time of the Decese of the Late Collector I have no other Knowledg of the Amount than from what appears from his accounts—the Sums which have been paid Sins his Death I have Assisted in Counting which is Deposited in the Care of Mrs. Fitch.

Notwithstanding I have Signed the Weekly return which states the amount of cash on hand yet I do not Conceive that I am to be Considered as accountable for a Single Dollar which may be paid on for bonds as they become Due Unless they Should be Delivrd Into my hands & I thereby become accountable.

The Cash or bonds that may after this Day be received for Duties on Goods Imported &c Untill a new Collector Shall be appointed I Consider myself as being Accountable.

I am sir &c.

ADf, Federal Records Center, Boston.

1Jonathan Fitch.

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