Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: [Account of Loans Made Pursuant to the Acts of 4 and 12 August 1790], 22 June 1793


Dr.   Accot. of Loans made pursuant to the Acts of the 4. & 12. of August 1790.
Total amount of Loans 19,550,000 guilders, equal, at 36 ⁴⁄₁₁ ninetieths per Guilder, to 7.898.989.88.
Deduct amount of original charges respecting Contracts 872,000 Guilders at 36 ⁴⁄₁₁  352.323.24.
Nett product 7,546.666.64
Contra Cr.
Amount heretofore stated to have been transferred to the United States 2.965.643.47.
Amount of payments made to France in Europe & charges on the same, 10,083,116 Guilders & 9 stivers equal to 4.073.986.46.
Debt to Spain in a course of payment9 estimated at 680,000 florins or 274.747.46.
Interest on debt to foreign officers directed to be paid at Paris10 105,000 Guilders or 42,424.24.
Paid in Holland in premiums & gratuities on old Loans, commissions & other extra charges *189.865.01.

*The sum paid on these different objects is computed to exceed the sum stated by 72,265 florins constituting a balance of so much in favor of the Commissioners.

A Hamilton

88. LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

99. This sum included both principal and interest on the Spanish debt. See William Short to H, February 25, 1793, note 13.

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