Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Elisha Boudinot, 26 March 1793

From Elisha Boudinot1

Newark [New Jersey] 26th. March 1793

Dear Sir

After passing through a fiery ordeal, I suppose you have a few moments to breathe a milder air. The part the Country in general take in your triumph over the envious and malicious, enemies to the Government as well as yourself; must convince you that the influence of these beings extend but a little way out of their own selfish narrow circle.2

Mr Low3 has been over with me, and we have concluded to put off the meeting of the Directors till the 16th April, as then we should have a full board in all probability, and be more likely to have your attendance. In fact if you do not wish to forsake your child, it is ab[s]o[l]utely necessary for you to attend at that time. Mr Low informed Major L’Enfant,4 Mr. Colt5 and myself that Col. Ogden would make an offer at that time to deliver the water at Vrelandts point, purchase the lands necessary for the Canals for £20.000 and if he did he should be of opinion that it ought to be complied with.6 The Major then said he would not begin any part of his plan that was not in actual operation until then and they concluded to discharge the laborers that applied and give out that they would not be wanted till the 20th April. This will occasion a delay that I am sorry for. Mr Colt goes home and will return by the time of our meeting. He is I think every way qualified for the business and I have no doubt of its success under his management as soon as the works can be set in motion. He is very much pleased with Peirce & Marshall7 and they with him, and harmony is fully restored. Do not let these pompous, high minded, would be King’s, though under the false garb of republicans—draw your attention from this great object—but look forward to those tranquil days when this child will be an Hercules, and you settled on the beautiful and peaceful banks of the Passaic, enjoying the fruits of your labor.

I am with respect   Dr. Sir   Yours sincerely

Elisha Boudinot

JCH Transcripts description begins John C. Hamilton Transcripts. These transcripts are owned by Mr. William H. Swan, Hampton Bays, New York, and have been placed on loan in the Columbia University Libraries. description ends .

1Boudinot, a lawyer and businessman in New Jersey, was a director of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures.

3Nicholas Low, governor of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures.

4Pierre Charles L’Enfant had been employed in August, 1792, to superintend the construction of the society’s manufactory. For L’Enfant’s plan for a canal, see L’Enfant to H, September 17, 1792.

5Peter Colt.

6At the meeting of the directors of the society on April 16, 1793, “The Governor laid before the Board a letter from Colo. Samuel Ogden, relative to the conducting the Waters of the Passaick to Vreelandt’s brook and Vreelandt’s Point—the same being taken into consideration it is agreed that the Society has proceeded too far in their present plan to receed or adopt any other” (“Minutes of the S.U.M.,” description begins MS minutes of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures, City of Paterson, New Jersey, Plant Management Commission, Successors to the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures. description ends 86).

7William Pearce and Thomas Marshall were artisans employed by the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures.

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