Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure No. II: [Willink, van Staphorst, and Hubbard, Amsterdam], [18 March 1793]

No. II.7
Wm & J. Willink, N. & J. van Staphorst,
and Hubbard, Amsterdam.

Jan: 1st. To balance in their hands 1.744.750.
Residue of the last 3/m loan,8 to be recd: 360.000.
balance for which the Commissioners will be in advance on the 1st March 1793.   72.265.
Flo. 2,177,015.
1793. Contra—Cr.—.
By premium on the residue of the 3/m loan at 5 per Cent9 18,000.
Interest due to foreign officers10 105,000.
Feb: 1st. Interest on 3/m 5 per Ct. 150.000.
Do. on 2/m11 4 pr Ct. 80,000.
Premium on Do. 100.000.
Gratuity on Do. 8 pr. Ct. 28,000.
Mar: 1st. Interest on 2½/m12 5 pr.ct. 125.000.
Commission on paying interest 355,000 florin 1 p. ct. 3,550
Nov: 30. Draughts of the Treasurer 1.237.500.
Nov. 28 Ditto 24,750.
Remittance to be made to Spain estimated
Flo. 680.000
on accot. of which have been remittd 374.785 305.215
Flo. 2.177,015

7LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

8The Holland loan of 1792. For a description of this loan, see Short to H, June 28, 1792, note 17.

10See note 5.

11The Holland loan of 1784. For a description of this loan, see H to Short, September 1, 1790, note 22.

12The Holland loan of March, 1791. For a description of this loan, see Short to H, February 17, 1791.

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