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Statement I: [Appropriation for Reducing the Public Debt], 13 February 1793

— I —
A Statement of the Appropriation for Reducing the Public Debt, Constituted by the
Act of Congress Passed on the 12th Day of August 1790.

Dollars. Cts. 1790. Dollars. Cts.
To the surplus of the products of
duties on imports and tonnage to
the last day of December 1790,
after reserving a sufficient
sum from said products to
satisfy the appropriations
made during [the first] and second Sessions
of Congress, as ascertained
at the Treasury
1.374.656. 40 Dec: 15: By warrant No. 776, on the Treasurer, in his
favor, to be applied in purchases of the public debt
Jan: 26: No. 856 do. do. do. 50.000.   
Feb: 5: By do. No. 869, in favor of B. Lincoln, do. 50.000.   
By do. 870 do. in favor of Wm Heth do. 50.000.   
Sep: 30: By do. 1265 do. in his favor do. 149.984. 23
By do. 1266. do. in favor of Wm. Seton, do. 200.000.   
Mar. 31. By do. 1605 in his favor do. 28.915. 52
June 30. By do. 1864 do. do. do. 62.673. 90
By do. 1867 do. in favor of Wm. Seton do. 151.098. 89
Dec: 29: By do. 2328. do. in his favor do.  15.098. 11
957.770. 65.
           Balance, being the difference between the surplus of duties appropriated and the sum drawn therefrom  406.885. 75
Dollars, 1.374.656. 40. 1.374.656. 40.

A. Hamilton,
Secry. of the Treasy.

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