Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure E: [Amount of Bonds Becoming Due for Duties], 1 February 1793

Amount of Bonds Becoming Due for Duties in the Several States, from the First of December 1792, to May 1794, Inclusive, Viz:
State of Massachusetts 485.124.29.
Rhode Island 69.627.99.
Connecticut 77.531.18.
New York 665.229.78.
Pennsylvania 471.809.51.
Delaware 252.   
Jerseys 2.282.42.
Maryland 309.715.60.
Virginia 188.527.63.
North Carolina 28.275.13.
South Carolina 26.694.80.
Georgia 20.539.99.
Amount due in April 1794, at New York 155.118. 6.
Amount due in May 1794, at Philadelphia 17.466.76.
Amount of Schedules received, 2.518.195.14
The following not having returned Schedules, the several amounts are taken from the Schedules for the year 1791, Viz:
Massachusetts, Salem Schedule for December 1791 6.079.22.
Connecticut, New London, do 1.902.14.
New York, New York, Novemr. and Decemr. 1791. 66.478.75.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Octo: Nov: and Dec: 1791 155.889.92.
Delaware, Wilmington Dec: 1791. 1.978. 9.
Virginia, Norfolk, Bermuda Hundred and Alexandria do 1.142.59.
North Carolina,
Wilmington and New Bern do }
Edenton, Nov: and Dec: 1791.
South Carolina, Charleston, Oct: Nov: and Dec: 1791. 84.337.86.
Georgia, Savannah, Nov: and Dec: 1791. 4 870.83.
Dollars, 2.854.195.14.

Taken from the Originals
February 1st. 1793

L. Wood. junr.

Amount of the above Abstract 2.854.195.14.
Add for the increase of duties by virtue of the Act of the last Session, for raising a farther sum of money, for the protection of the frontiers and for other purposes therein mentioned, computed on the foregoing sum of 336 000, dollars, being the amount of duties for certain periods of the year 1791, for which, returns have not been received as above mentioned—say one seventh    48.000.  
Deduct amount of duties for the month of December, as per Abstract   460.125.99.
Amount of outstanding and unsatisfied Bonds on the 1st. of January 1793, for duties to that period
Dollars, 2.442.069.15.

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