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Enclosure III: [Statement of the Bills Which Have Been Drawn by the Treasurer], 3 January 1792

No. III.
A Statement of the Bills Which Have Been Drawn by the Treasurer of the United States, upon the Commissioners in Amsterdam, Shewing the Application of the Monies Arising from the Sales of Those Bills, and the Balance Which Remains Unapplied.
Florins Sts. d. Dollars. Cts.
The Amount of Bills sold by the Banks of North America and New York, as settled
  at the Treasury, is
2.468.673.12. 8. 997.443.53
Amount of Interest which has arisen on the credit allowed to the Purchasers 8.082.83
Amount of Bills furnished the Secretary of State 99.000.  
Ditto ditto  95.947.10.
194.947.10.   78.766.67.
2.663.621. 2. 8. 1.084.293. 3.

Amount of Bills disposed of by the Bank of the United States.
florins dollars. Cts.
1792. April 17th. 500.00. favor J. Kean at 36⁴⁄₁₁ d. 202.020.20
June 30th. 123.750 T. Jefferson     do 50.000.  
From July
12th. }
1.100.000. J. Kean 40⁷⁄₁₀ cents 447.700.  
to Octo:
Nov. 30th. 1.237.500. T. Willink 36⁴⁄₁₀ g. 500.000.  
Dec. 28th.    24.750. J. Kean    do   10.000.  .
2.986.000.     1.209.720.20.
Interest which will accrue on the Sales computed according to the terms aforesaid 10.755.90.
5.649.621. 2. 8. 2.304.769.13.

Payments made on account of the French Debt principally for the supply of the French Colony at St. Domingo.19
Dollars. Cts.
1792 February, 21st. To the Minister plenipotentiary of France 8.325. .
December, 15th ditto 5445. .
February, 21st. the Consul General of France 22.000. .
March, 12th ditto 100.000. .
May, 31st. ditto 100.000. .
September, 17th ditto 26.088. .
28th ditto 17.936. .
October, 15th ditto 24 660…
November, 1st. ditto 19.961. .
16th ditto 2.358. .
22d ditto 8.997. .
30th ditto 64.935. 1.
December 15th ditto 34.558. .
31st. ditto 10.000. .
Payment of the debt due to certain foreign Officers
made and to be made20
Dollars,  636.580.73


* The continuing necessity of the Colony of St Domingo will call for further supplies. A decree of the National Assembly of France of the 26th. of June 1792,21 contemplates a supply from the United States of 4.000.000 of livres, or 720.000 dollars.

† Provision has been made for the payment of the principal part of the interest of this debt, at Paris, according to stipulation. Interest upon the whole ceased on the 1st of January 1793.

The residue of the sum drawn for is applicable to the purchase of the public debt. There remains to be received, according to the
terms of sale, Dollars, 632.132. 2.

Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of the Treasury

19The United States had advanced money to France to purchase supplies to suppress the insurrection which had begun in Santo Domingo in August, 1791. For the negotiations on the application of payment on the French debt for the relief of Santo Domingo, see the introductory note to George Latimer to H, January 2, 1793.

20See note 15.

21On June 26, 1792, the Assembly decreed that “Le pouvoir exécutif est authorisé à traiter avec le ministre des Etats-Unis, afin d’en obtenir des fournitures pour Saint-Domingue, en comestibles et matières premières propres à la construction, jusqu’à la concurrence de 4 millions de livres tournois, imputables sur la dette américaine” (Archives Parlementaires description begins Archives Parlementaires de 1787 à 1860 (Paris, 1868– ). description ends , XLV, 594).

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