Alexander Hamilton Papers

[“C”], [10 November 1792]


[Philadelphia, November 10, 1792]

[Philadelphia] Gazette of the United States, November 10, 1792.

1Philip Marsh has written: “In November, ‘C.’ taunted Freneau, the translator-editor, for publishing a French poem without translating it. Hamilton, who as ‘T. L.’ and ‘An American’ had called attention to Freneau’s lack of translating ability, may well have taken this opportunity to point out the editor’s awkward situation” (Philip Marsh, “Hamilton’s Neglected Essays, 1791–1793,” The New-York Historical Society Quarterly, XXXII [October, 1948], 296). Despite Marsh’s statement that H may have been the author of “C,” there is no conclusive evidence that H wrote this article.

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