Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Sharp Delany, 4 October 1792

From Sharp Delany

[Philadelphia] October 4, 1792. “Mr Thomas Lea of this City Merchant has informed me of his address to you respecting a quantity of Rum shipped by him for Dublin, and there refused by the Consignee and the whole returned without his knowledge and greatly to his damage. I informed Mr Lea of the necessity of having your opinion & instructions on this subject.… I in-close Mr Lea’s state of the Case1 and have taken every proof on Oath from him & the Captain.”2

ALS, RG 217, Philadelphia, Revenue Collectors, 1789–1803, National Archives.

1Lea’s statement, which is dated October, 1792, summarizes the case and concludes by asking H “to direct that the bonds entered into on the Shipment "of the said Rum at this Port of Philadelphia may be Cancelled” (DS, RG 217, Philadelphia, Revenue Collectors, 1789–1803, National Archives).

2On the back of this letter H wrote: “Collector of Pensylvania concerning certain Rum of Mr. Lea. The only mode in which relief can be afforded is by application through the district Judge which it is adviseable should be made without further delay.”

Also on the back of this letter there is a notation in an unknown handwriting which reads: “27 December Answered.” Letter not found.

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