Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: Gouverneur Morris to William Short, 16 July 1792

Gouverneur Morris to William Short28

Paris, July 16, 1792. “… I wrote to you on the ninth and it appears that while I was writing the Ministry resign’d to a Man.29 This Measure is connected with Circumstances which are not generally known and it was entirely unexpected. I did not know it till about seven oClock in the Evening for I had been at Home till six and then went by Appointment to the Minister of the Marine who was with the King. They all hold now by Interim only. I have nevertheless urg’d the Office of foreign Affairs and Monsieur Bon Carére30 assures me that the Commissaries of the Treasury are now making out the Account desir’d. Apropos, I wish you would direct the Bankers of the United States31 to send me a Note of their various Remittances on this Account. You shewed me a Statement which you had and it ran in my Head that you had left it with me but I have look’d over all my Papers without finding it. You will see the Necessity of enabling me to check their Account. I have that from DeWolf. I will again apply both personally and by Letter to the Office of foreign Affairs on this Subject and if it be possible to make them do their Duty Things shall be immediately put in Train. I mention’d in a Postscript to mine of the ninth that I thought it important to take up our Obligations. If a new form of Government should take Place which may easily happen during the next three Months there might be some Cavil about the past Transactions not justifiably but unpleasantly.…”

28ALS (extract), William Short Papers, Library of Congress.

29See note 3.

30Guillaume de Bonnecarrère, secretary of the Jacobin Society, was appointed “Directeur des Affaires étrangères” under the Girondin Ministry formed in March, 1792 (Frédéric Masson, Le Departement des Affaires Etrangeres Pendant La Revolution, 1787–1804 [Paris, 1877], 156). Morris refers to Bonnecarrère as “confidential secretary” to Dumouriez (Morris, Diary of the French Revolution description begins Gouverneur Morris, A Diary of the French Revolution, ed. by Beatrix Cary Davenport (Boston, 1939). description ends , II, 439). In July, 1792, Bonnecarrère was proposed for the post of Minister to the United States, but Morris’s protests to the King and the Ministry prevented his appointment (Morris to Jefferson, August 16, 1792, ALS, RG 59, Despatches from United States Ministers to France, 1789–1869, June 17, 1792–March 7, 1794, National Archives).

31Willink, Van Staphorst, and Hubbard.

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