Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: William Short to Gouverneur Morris, 18 June 1792

William Short to Gouverneur Morris5

The Hague, June 18, 1792. “… I suppose you will before this have seen the commissaries of the Treasury, I will thank you to let me know whether you have settled with them the manner of counting the payments made from Antwerp. There will be a considerable sum at Amsterdam probably soon at the disposition of the U.S. for being applied to the French debt. I shd. suppose no time ought to be lost, & as little as possible double interest paid & I have thoughts of directing the commissioners6 to remit it unless you have fixed on some other mode of paying it to them. I hope to hear from you on this subject daily.…”

5ALS (extract), Columbia University Libraries.

6Willink, Van Staphorst, and Hubbard, the bankers of the United States in Amsterdam.

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