Alexander Hamilton Papers

[Scourge], [22 September 1792]


[Philadelphia, September 22, 1792]

Df, in the handwriting of William Loughton Smith, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress; [Philadelphia] Gazette of the United States, September 22, 1792.

1Philip Marsh, in discussing “Scourge,” wrote: “… there can be no doubt as to authorship, for the manuscript, in Hamilton’s hand, is in the Library of Congress, among his papers” (“Further Attributions to Hamilton’s Pen,” The New-York Historical Society Quarterly, XL [October, 1956], 355). In another place (“Randolph and Hamilton,” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, LXXII [July, 1948], 248) Marsh states that as “Scourge” H was “at his scarcastic best.” Marsh, however, is mistaken, for an examination of the MS in question indicates beyond doubt that “Scourge” is in the handwriting of William Loughton Smith.

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