Alexander Hamilton Papers

T. L. No. I, [25 July 1792]

T. L. No. I1

[Philadelphia, July 25, 1792]

For the Gazette of the United States.

Mr. Fenno,2

The Editor of the “National Gazette”3 receives a salary from government.

Quere—Whether this salary is paid him for translations; or for publications, the design of which is to vilify those to whom the voice of the people has committed the administration of our public affairs—to oppose the measures of government, and, by false insinuations, to disturb the public peace?

In common life it is thought ungrateful for a man to bite the hand that puts bread in his mouth; but if the man is hired to do it, the case is altered.

T. L.

[Philadelphia] Gazette of the United States, July 25, 1792.

1This letter is the first of a series. The other “T. L.” letters are dated July 28 and August 11, 1792.

2John Fenno, editor of the Gazette of the United States.

3Philip Freneau, editor of the [Philadelphia] National Gazette. See H to Edward Carrington, May 26, 1792, note 8, and H to Rufus King, July 25, 1792, note 6.

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